The Bear Essentials

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One of the most frequent fears in camping is the possibility of wild animals to wander into your camp. Wild critters such as bears or wolves are reported to be the most common camp intruders and campers are left to venture all sorts of ways to fend them off. So, are campfires really effective in warding off unwanted camp guests such as bears?
Initially, we have to first understand that bears have the keenest sense of smell among all known animals that they can detect food from a 20-mile range so it’s not going to be surprising if a bear smells camp food too in its proximity. Their incredible olfactory system enables bears to effectively find mates and guard their boundaries which include sensing possible dangers around them like fire and smoke.
Based on numerous accounts of campers, even from experts, a camp fire is certain to keep these wild critters away from your base, however, may draw attention to toads and frogs nearby so better to secure your perimeter from these as well. Now to prevent bears from smelling your food, there are several products that you can store your food with which are designed to be extremely odor-proof and of course, having a dependable camping trailer from Adrenalin Campers which are heavy-duty and top-of-the-line is a must if you want to ensure a hassle-free camping system.